Ship or Sheep? Third edition, Intermediate, Book and Audio CD (4) Pack, 9780521606738

chwilowy brak towaru

This fully revised edition of the classic pronunciation title is now in full colour with updated artwork. Faithful to the original style, the book retains its simplicity, with the emphasis on minimal pairs, and makes pronunciation practice light-hearted and accessible. Each unit offers comprehensive practice of sounds, with additional work on stress and intonation, and the accompanying audio CDs give lots of listening and pronunciation practice. The book is available in a pack (comprising book and 4 audio CDs) for self-study, or separately for classroom use. Unlike the original edition, there is no separate Teacher's Book. For Ship or Sheep? resources, see 'More to Explore' below.

ISBN: 9780521606738
Kod paskowy: 9780521606738
Kod wydawcy: 31146
ilość stron: 226
Oprawa: Miękka
Format: 17.0x24.0cm
Głębokość (mm): 12
Języki: angielski
Grupa towarowa: Książka