Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Książka autorstwa Wiggin K. w twardej oprawie wydanie 2007

4.0 (1 głos) 5 0 1

od 32,59

Eleven-year-old Rebecca Randall is quite a handful - and now she's leaving her beloved Sunnybrook Farm to live with her well-to-do elderly aunts and get an education. But they were expecting Rebecca's quiet, hard-working older sister instead.

Can the bright-eyed and talkative girl win them over...especially her strict, rule-bound Aunt Miranda? Just as Rebecca's "grand spirit" charms everyone in the story, it will captivate readers, too.

Abridged for easier reading and carefully rewritten, with "Classic Starts[trademark]", young readers can experience the wonder of timeless stories from an early age.