Monstrous Regiment, Transworld

Książka autorstwa Terry Pratchett w miękkiej oprawie wydanie 2004

4.5 (2 głosy) 5 0 2

od 37,33

Terry Pratchett S Hilarious Prose Is Significantly Enhanced aby The Narrative Skills Of Stephen Briggs. The Story, Another In The Discworld Saga, Highlights The Recruiting Efforts Of A Small Country chronically At War With Its Neighbors. A Rotund Sergeant And Weasely Corporal Sweep Through A Small Town, And One Of The Misfits Who Volunteers To Thwart Them Is Polly Perks, Disguised As A Teenaged Boy Barely Of Age. Briggs Takes On The Misfits And Makes Them Shine. As The Little Group Proceeds From One Improbable Adventure To The Next, Briggs And Pratchett Are Magnificent.