Grammar in Practice, Level 2 Elementary, Cambridge University Press

Książka autorstwa Roger Gower w miękkiej oprawie wydanie 2002

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40 units of quick exercises with regular test sections for beginner to intermediate students. Grammar in Practice provides grammar practice in a simple and accessible format. Each book has 40 units of quick grammar exercises with regular test sections to encourage learners to revise what they have learnt. The books are small and easy to carry so learners can choose when and where they want to study. This book is suitable for students at Level 2/Elementary.

ISBN: 9780521665667
Kod paskowy: 9780521665667
Autorzy: Gower Roger
Wydanie: 1
Rok wydania: 2015
Kod wydawcy: 31146
liczba stron: 72
Oprawa: Miękka
PKWiU: 58.11.1
Format: 14.9x21.0cm
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Języki: angielski
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