Flightpath. Aviation English For Pilots And ATCOS Książka Ucznia Plus Płyty Audio CD i DVD, Philip Shawcross

autorstwa Philip Shawcross w miękkiej oprawie wydanie 2011

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Flightpath is the definitive course for pilots and Air Traffic Controllers who need an ICAO4 level of English to work in the industry. Flightpath is the only Aviation English course to offer a thorough grounding in the full range of communication skills needed aby aviation professionals to communicate in non-routine situations. With regular focus on ICAO criteria, learners are given full support in reaching industry standards, including case studies, analysis of their own communication skills, exposure to authentic in-flight communication, and communicative tasks. Flightpath is the most accurate preparation course available for any ICAO4 language test, and includes authentic industry training video. Flightpath has been reviewed and endorsed aby a panel of leading aviation communication and safety professionals.

ISBN: 9780521178716
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Autorzy: Shawcross Philip
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