English for Cabin Crew /CD gratis/ (2010)

Książka autorstwa Terence Gerighty w miękkiej oprawie wydanie 2010

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Cabin Crew English teaches and practices the language that flight attendants need to communicate effectively in English when carrying out their in-flight responsibilities. This short, intermediate level course concentrates on improving communication between: Crew and passengers - through formal announcements, individual attention, kanon and non-routine dialogues Crew and cockpit - through formal and informal dialogues Crew and crew The course takes learners from departures gate to arrivals gate with emphasis on operational job-related issues. Features Emphasis on improving listening and speaking skills Suitable for classroom use with some self-study Plenty of listening practice to help learners understand passengers in routine and non-routine situations Speaking practice with emphasis on pronunciation, intonation and fluency Glossary of useful phrases Get the online Teacher'