Business Objectives - Workbook Viktor Chrobok; Arnošt Pellant; Milan Profant

Książka autorstwa Vicki Hollett w twardej oprawie wydanie 1996

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od 57,81

An amusing video training package based on the syllabus of the Business Objectives course.Key features The video consists of eight short comic episodes which can be used in any order. It covers all the essential language functions encountered aby students who need to use English in a business context.

Each unit focuses on a core business communication skill, e.g., Telephoning, Planning ahead, and Presenting facts and figures. The functional element is combined with a strong grammar and vocabulary syllabus, reinforced aby tasks and exercises in the Activity Book.

Comedy is an important motif in the video, keeping students entertained and motivated. It also helps to highlight the language content by providing an ironic twist to situations which are otherwise familiar and predictable.

The video is supported aby an Activity Book for students and a Video Guide for teachers.