Business Advantage Upper Intermediate Książka Nauczyciela

w miękkiej oprawie wydanie 2011

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An innovative, new multi-level course for the university and in-company sector. Business Advantage is the course for tomorrow's business leaders. Based on a unique syllabus that combines current business theory, business in practice and business skills - all presented using authentic, expert input - the course contains specific business-related outcomes that make the material highly relevant and engaging. The Business Advantage Upper-intermediate level books include input from the following leading institutions and organisations: the Cambridge Judge Business School, the Boston Consulting Group, Nokia, Dell, and Havaianas - to name but a few. The Teacher's Book comes with additional photocopiable activities (1 per unit) and three progress tests.
  • Autorzy: Birkin Jonathan
  • Ciężar: 0,39
  • Format: 22.0x28.0cm
  • ISBN: 9781107422315
  • Języki: angielski
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  • PKWiU: 58.11.1
  • Rok wydania: 2012
  • wariant publikacji: KS
  • Wydawca: Cambridge University Press
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