Advanced Skills With Audio CD

Książka autorstwa Simon Haines w twardej oprawie wydanie 2006

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Advanced Skills is a must-have collection of photocopiable activities for advanced level students. Each activity includes one to three photocopiable pages for students and step-by-step teacher’s notes that allow busy teachers to slot these materials into any lesson and use along any coursebook with minimum preparation. The book contains a wealth of authentic material and realistic tasks that engage students and develop all four skills simultaneously. It explores popular topics from original angles keeping students motivated and making learning fun. This resource book comes with an Audio CD to support the listening activities. The recordings offer a range of genres from radio and television broadcasts to political speeches and conversational dialogues, exposing students to a range of accents. Finally, the book includes many tasks which could be used as extra practice material with students preparing for the main Cambridge exams (CAE, CPE, IELTS).

ISBN: 9780521608480
Kod paskowy: 9780521608480
Autorzy: Haines Simon
Rok wydania: 2014
Kod wydawcy: 31146
liczba stron: 144
Oprawa: Miękka
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