House as Open Form: The Hansens` Summer Resi - Dom jako Forma Otwarta. Szumin Hansenow Szumin Hansenow, oprawa miękka

Książka w miękkiej oprawie wydanie 2014

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od 166,85

This beautifully illustrated volume offers a photographic tour of the iconic house of a Polish architect couple: Oskar Hansen, member of Team 10, and his wife, Zofia. Located in Szumin in central Poland and designed in 1968, the house serves as a spatial manifesto of Hansen's theory of Open Form, an inspiring concept aimed at opening the architecture for its users' participation and transforming it into a passe-partout for everyday life. An essay on the house and its conceptual underpinnings żeby journalist Filip Springer accompanies striking photographs żeby Jan Smaga, and the resulting book is both a portrait of a specific dwelling and a larger analysis of the very idea of architects' houses and their relationship to their owners' work.